Become a co-investor

How can I become a Co-investor?

The subscription process is simple and easy.

You can invest in Formue Nord Fokus at the end of every month.

Please contact us here or fill in the contact form, at the bottom of this website, if you want to become a co-investor or would like to hear more about the subscription process.


Formue Nord Markedsneutral – Every month, at month end, you can redeem your shares and hereby reduce or close out your investment(s). Notice of a request for redemption must be provided at the latest 14 days before month end. Timely redemption requests are processed at month end at net asset value.

Formue Nord Fokus – You can redeem your shares and hereby reduce or close out your investment(s) with 24 months (quarter end) notice. Redemption requests are processed at quarter end at net asset value.


What is the minimum subscription amount?
You must subscribe for at least DKK 1.000.000 per investment fund.

Is it mandatory to subscribe to both investment funds?
No. We do however recommend that you take into consideration your current overall asset allocation and determine your choice of investment fund(s) and subscription amount(s) according to your own risk profile and desired return.

How do you keep your co-investors updated on an ongoing basis?
On the first banking day each month, you will receive periodic return reports. You will also on a continuous basis receive news, invitations to investor meetings, annual meetings etc. We aim to keep you informed in accordance with your individual need.

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